Additional Activities

The following activities may be used in conjunction with sections of the tour.

My City

Use a Venn diagram to compare how your local government is organized and compare it with the Mississippian culture.

Home Sweet Home

Following the description given below, students will construct a home with construction paper and bamboo skewers.

"Our homes were made of woven grass. The poles were fastened together with rope, especially at the top, where the roof timbers joined the walls. The interior and exterior wall would be covered with clay mixture or covered with mats. The roof was thatched with prairie grass."

Game of Sport

Use a time order paragraph to describe how to play your favorite game of sport (e.g., first, second, next, then, finally, etc.).

When mother took Baby to see Light Foot play chunkey, Baby lost her corn husk doll. Make a new corn husk doll for Baby using this lesson plan (available as a PDF).

Making Pipes and Pottery

Following the description given below to make a round bowl out of clay.

"Running Water made pottery by first forming a round, bowl-shaped base out of clay. Next, she rolled out a piece of clay to form a rope. She built up the sides of the pot by coiling a number of the clay ropes along the edge of the base in a spiral and paddling them with a wood paddle to compact the clay and drive out air bubbles. Then she made a paste from the remaining clay and water and applied it to the sides of the pottery to smooth them out. The pottery was then decorated or painted. Last, she let the pot dry for several weeks before baking to prevent cracking while firing."

Monks Mound - Center of Our City

Construct a conical mound, ridge mound and platform mound.