Additional Activities

Art Lesson - Make A Fossil

Materials: plastic paper plates, modeling clay, plaster of Paris, water, leaf or something to use for imprint, bowl, and plastic spoons.

1. Soften the modeling clay with your hands until warm and pliable.

2. Form clay into a ball.

3. Flatten ball into a pancake, big enough to fit into the paper plate.

4. Carefully press the object you would like to fossilize into the clay to make a perfect impression. (If you make a mistake, just re-roll the clay and start all over again.)

5. Mix a small amount of plaster and pour it over the clay. Shake the plate to release air bubbles gently. (Make sure you put newspaper under the plate in case you spill.)

6. Allow to dry.

Carefully peel away the plate and clay from the hardened plaster and you will have a neat fossil of the item you used to make the impression.