Web Links for “What We Learn from Hubble”

Space Telescope Science Institute Resources

Images from Hubble

Adler Planetarium's What's Up in the Sky this Month?

NASA Educator Resource Center at Museum of Science and Industry

The following links appear in the lesson:

A Distant Quasar's Brilliant Light

Prism Refraction

Visible Light Waves

Spectra - Fingerprints for Light Sources

Infrared - More Than Your Eyes Can See

Keeping Cool While Seeing Red

Herschel Infrared Experiment

NICMOS Sees Through Gas and Dust

The Infrared Universe

A Bigger Clearer Picture

Galaxy NGC 6882 in Ultraviolet Light

Spectra of Gas Discharges

A STIS Absorption Spectrum at Work

Myths vs. Realities: Hubble Space Telescope and Space Technology

Team Hubble Operations