Web Links for "The End of Hubble?"

Hubble: The First Decade (video)

Revelations: Fifteen Years of Hubble 1990-2005 (video)

The following links appear in the lesson:

Why stars twinkle: Atmospheric distortion of light

Lyman Spitzer: The Man Behind the Machine

Astronomy Resources from STScI

Postcards from the Edge

Spectrum 101

Fingerprinting the Cosmos

Keeping Cool While Seeing Red

Celestial Spyglass

Getting a Grip on Stars

How do Scientists point the telescope in the right direction?

Hubble Space Telescope’s design

Virtual Hubble (requires plug-in)

Parabolic shape eliminates spherical aberration in telescope mirrors

Restoring Hubble's Vision

Capture the Cosmos

Making Hubble Even Better

The Hubble Deep Field: A Multimedia Journey

Hubble, Its Fate Sealed, 'Has a Place in Everybody's Heart'

Hubble's in Trouble. Who You Gonna Call?

Griffin Should Reverse Outrageous Hubble Decision