Journal Question: What do you think of division of labor and the assembly line approach? Let's say your teacher asked you to put together some packets of work for your class. Do you think you could get the job done faster alone, or if you had some friends to help? Write a paragraph or two about which approach you think would be faster and why. How would you divide up the work if you had friends to help?

Journal Question: Can you think of some inventions that save time?

Journal Question: Which do you think was a better offer, to make a salary or take part of the profits? Why do you think Mr. Slater chose to take part of the profits instead of a salary? Which offer would you choose?

Journal Question: How do you think having slave labor helped the cotton industry?

Journal Question: Why do you think the cloth made in the United States was cheaper than the cloth made in England?

Journal Question: When Slater decided to increase production in mill, what effect do you think this had on the workers-from the people picking cotton to the mill workers and weavers? What do you think happened to the profits of the company?

Journal Question: Why do you think it would be good for Slater to have control over the lives of the people living in Slaterville?

Journal Question: What did working in the mill do to the family structure in contrast to the self-sufficient farm family?