Additional Activities for The Kurmi Market in Kano City, Nigeria 

On a Saturday or Sunday afternoon take a brief stroll down the Chicago River along Wacker Drive from Michigan Avenue to Franklin Street with your parents. Write down and describe 5 major sites that you see along your walk. Now review your lesson on Kano City. Imagine that you are walking down the Jakara River around 1,000 A.D. try to describe some of the buildings, commerce, and trade that you might see along the Jakara River.

Write an imaginary letter to Miss Darego on her becoming Miss World in the 2001 beauty contest. Ask her to describe what it is like to grow up as a young woman in Nigeria. Ask her to compare the differences between Nigeria and other neighboring African countries such as Senegal, Ghana, or Liberia.

See Africa Resources at The Field Museum for a comprehensive listing of resources on Africa that are available at The Field Museum and on the museum's website.