Africa Resources at The Field Museum

Permanent Exhibits
Gain insight into the cultures and environments of the vast African continent.
Lions of Tsavo
Stand toe-to-paw with the lions that terrorized East Africa a century ago. (Where are their manes? You'll find out!)
Mammals of Africa
Stroll among Africa’s mammals, with everything from aardvarks to zebras.
Man-eater of Mfuwe
Look into the eyes of the largest man-eating lion on record.
On-line Exhibits
On-line Interactives
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  Welcome to the Mammals Collection at The Field Museum
  Project ER: Environmental Rescue Tsavo
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  Printed Materials    
  • Africa! An Activity Book
  • Africa! An Exhibit Guide
  • Africa Exhibit Poster
  • A Field Trip to Africa, Video
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  Experience Boxes    
  • Adindra Cloth from Ghana
  • Africa Calabashes
  • Africa Jewelry
  • African Metalworking
  • The Art of Cameroon
  • Fabrics from West Africa
  • Listen to the Sounds of Africa
  • Africa the Land
  • Ancient Egypt: Life Along the Nile
  • Caravans to Kano
  • Studying Africa Wildlife
  Audio Visuals    
  • Africa, A View from The Field Museum
  • A Field Trip to Africa
  • Animals of Africa

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