Fun and educational for all grade levels!

Interactive Periodic Table
Learn about the history of the elements and learn how they relate to life science, earth science, space science, and even the products you use everyday!,  


Four Elements of Ancient Greece
Take a journey through ancient greece on an interactive black-figure vase, and answer the sphinx's riddles to discover the four elements.    
Make Your Own Mummy
Let Anubis, the ancient Egyptian god of embalming, lead you through the process of creating your own mummy!    
Learn How a Lock Works
Learn how to use the gates and valves of a lock in order to guide your riverboat safely down the canal.    
Steam Engine Diagram
This animated diagram shows how a steam engine works.    
Play Chunkey with the Ancient Mississippians
Hone your estimation skills in this simulation of a game played by the ancient Mississippian mound builders at Cahokia, in southern Illinois.    
Workers on a Train    
An interactive for young learners introducing the workers on a train and where they do their jobs.    
World Map    
This interactive world map shows the diverse places from which people came to build the Illinois & Michigan Canal.    

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